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We live in South India (Chennai). Is there a Bowen practioner in this area? If not, could you please let me know how i can learn this technique for parkinson patients . ...

Thank you for your question. I am sorry but I have not been able to find a Bowen Practitioner in the Tamil Nadu Region for you so we have to find another way to help you.

Bowen can be very helpful with Parkinson patient so it is worthwhile trying to see what can be achieved. Firstly, Bowen is a very gentle therapy. Most students I have taught in the past 10 years started by thinking they had to do strong moves and were amazed to find that very gentle moves have a big effect. So, it is very safe as the body is merely receiving "signals" to the nervous systems and will decide what and how much it can do. It is also, therefore, very relaxing and so puts the who;e body into a state where it can get on with what needs to be done.

To learn Bowen, there are some possibilities. Of course, you could either travel to England or Australia to attend classes. To be able to to do much for your patients, even just the first class would give you plenty that you can do as it covers the basic moves, and these are very powerful in themselves. Otherwise there may be some film to help you with some simple moves. I will contact you shortly when I have found something on this.

Are there any evidance that the Bowen Technique is helping with liver problems

I am sorry you did not receive a reply on this question at the time you asked it. Unfortunately the question was not flagged to me at the time as i usually answer them within 24 hours.

To answer your question, simply "no". I know of no evidence that Bowen specifically helps with liver problems. However, what I have found is that Bowen is remarkable in the way it helps balance the body's systems. as an example, virtually all children who have the common cold as the trigger to developing a chest infection and a subsequent asthma attack do not have this sequence of events take place after their first Bowen treatment. You will see that in many of the Case Studies. I have also had remarkable changes take place very quickly with hormonal problems. there is no set of Bowen procedures to achieve any of this. It simply happens as Bowen is very much a sequence of simple, gentle signals toget the Body to balance itself.

If there is a specific situation you are asking about i will gladly try to answer it.

My son is 21 and asthma has distorted his ribcage. Can Bowen technique encourage his ribs and sternum to become normal or is he too old?

Thank you for your question. Without seeing your son's condition, it is, of course, difficult to asses his situation. However, most asthmatics will have tight, and sometimes very tight, muscles around the ribcage. I often find, for instance, the centre of the back very tight as the muscles have become more and more tense. This will cut down the ability for the lungs to expand. This happens at any age.My first task is, therefore, to try to get the muscles to relax which usually happens thus allowing the person to be able to breathe more easily.

The short answer to your question is, therefore, yes, I have found Bowen does encourage the whole area to relax.

The second part to your question is, perhaps, what can he do to help himself. I would encourage him to try the Bowen Release move as his Diaphragm is likely to be quite tense. This move must be done very lightly, more at skin level than at muscles level. A pressure of about 2/10 is enough as it is a signal (not a manipulation at all!) to the diaphragm to release the tension. He can do this at any time. It is a sharp, but gentle switch down, rather like turning on the light. Use a very relaxed thumb or finger. A picture of the procedure is on the website, and one of the films has a young lady demonstrating it. (She has been off all medication for several years now having needed to use Ventolin 20 times a day. This move really is a marvel!)

Lastly, I would suggest he tries Bowen. The website www.BTER.org has lists of Bowen Practitioners, all of whom have to be fully qualified. If you have any difficulty in finding someone, by all means contact me again.

hi sir,
m a phsio from india and i want to learn bowen tech. whts the procedure for tht? plz reply.

Many thanks for your question. It depends on whether you want to learn it in India or in the UK where I teach. If in India, I suggest you look at www.Bowtech.com. If in the UK, I am teaching the next Part 1 course 10-13 April in London. Please let me know what you want to do and where you are.


Alastair Rattray

Both my kids - son(16 yrs) and daughter(8yrs) suffer from asthma. My daughter has been hospitalised thrice so far. We live in South India (Chennai). Is there a Bowen practioner in this area? If not, could you please let me know how i can learn this technique for Asthma relief. I go through so much stress everytime either kid catches a cold.

Thank you for your question. The only Bowen Practitioners I can find listed in India are in Mumbai and Pune; rather a long way from you. However, you can watch a short film at this site ( www.Bowen-for-asthma.com) which teaches you how to treat your child. All the moves are gentle and children love it. The film is there specially to help people like you to help your child. It is not difficult. Just remember that everything is done very gently. You will probably think it could not possibly work, but it does. Practise on a pillow or a doll and then just do it. Your child does not have to be ill when you do it. You can treat them once a week or immediately if they are having an asthma attack or starting a cold, even if you treated them yesterday. It usually does not take many treatments to make a difference. Remember that the "Bowen Release Move" is really important as it is mostly used instead of their reliever "puffer" (no problem using both, but who wants to!)

Have a go and let me know how you get on and if you find any of it difficult or not easy to understand.

If you have difficulty getting to see the video then go to the following free web site - http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download .

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