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I am doing a reserch on "Massage Therapy for kids with asthma". I was wondering if you have any information on where I can get more information on this subject? I've looked on almost every sight and your's was the one that I liked and intrested me. I am a current student at the Arizona School of Massage Therapy. I like the articales that you have posted. I would like to know more about Bowen. Thank you for taking the time to read this question.

Thank you for your question, which unfortunately has just reached me! There has been a problem with the web site questions which was fixed this weekend! Sorry!

I don't know of any massage therapy for children with asthma. However, you can read more about the chldren I have treated with Bowen (which they all love!) at www.relieve-childhood-asthma.com . Bowen is not massage as such but small, gentle moves, more like disturbances or signals. You could find courses being run in the USA at www.bowtech.com. It is a wonderful therapy which is both safe and easy to learn and you can treat people of any age with any condition.

Let me know if you need more.

Do you have an office in the Philippines? I currently have skin asthma & would want to try to this out. Is this also possible for my 1 yr old baby? he's diagnosed with asthma, as well.

Thank you for your question. I am sorry to say, we don't have a list of any therapists in the Philippines at the moment. However, especially for your child, if you can look at the film where I demonstrate how to treat a child with asthma, this is quite simple and easy to do. All the moves are GENTLE, so it is very safe. It either works or it does not; but most of the time it works very well indeed. You can also do these moves on an adult. It is just that we can do more on an adult which is where the trained therapist can go much further.

If you have difficulty watching the films (there are 3 of them) then do the following.

The movies are in .mov format and can be viewed using the standard Apple Quicktime Application which is free from Apple it can be downloaded from the link below and is available for Mac and PC.

Skin Asthma is also called Eczema which you may also find more details on the internet to help you.

My son is 26 months old. Ever since he got sick the first when he was 10 months old I can hardly ever remember he how many days he is actually free from runny nose and congestion. He is always sick. He was hospitalized with viro infection last Feb. He got Croup couple of weeks ago and he still has the cough. His nose is full of mucus. He is on Sincular for over a year now. And he is using pomircort and xopenex almost daily. Can Bowen techniques help my sonís condition?

Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear about your son's condition. Based on my experience of many similar cases, I think there is a good chance we can help him. I am not sure where you live. If you can tell me the nearest large town and which country you are in, I can try to locate a therapist who should be able to help you.

However,the technique I use for such a young child is very simple and is shown in one of the films on this web site. There is some other work which I have not shown which may also help him and that is what i would like the therapist to do if we can find one for you. The film is there to help you learn the simple procedures which you can try on him youself. All the "moves" shown are very gentle - so gentle that you will think they will not do anything for him, but they do!

Then there is the "Release Move" shown on the web site. It is the same as the last move in the film. This again is very gentle and can be used for croup as well. Using it again very gently, you can do it several times and then let the diaphragm relax on its own. It may take a few minutes, unless the case is very serious when you just keep doing it until he recovers or help arrives.

If you would like to talk to me, please let me have your phone number and I can call you on Tuesday (as I am teaching all day on Monday).

When his cough is going, use the Release Move. This often helps to ease the coughing. The mucus is due to continuing infection. Bowen often brings the immune system back into balance and stops this continuing.

Try the moves yourself on a pillow a few times so you feel what it is you are doing, then just do it once. then leave it for a day or two. If no change, then repeat it.

Please let me know how you are getting on so I can give you more specific advice as we go along.

Hi - a friend of mine has lymphodaemia - as it says below - how would the Bowen Technique work for her ?

What other conditions respond to The Bowen Technique?
As the Bowen Technique treats the whole body, any condition may respond well. Excellent results have been achieved with, back pain, sciatica, neck problems, "frozen" and other shoulder problems; knee and ankles, headaches and migraines, asthma, hay fever, chronic sinusitis, jaw problems, chronic infection, lymphodaemia and many others.

Thank you for your question (though I am a little confused by the way it has arrived!) Lymphodaema can respond well with Bowen which gets the whole body acting together in a more balanced way. I treated a particular case for some years and it was measured to be reducing the amount of fluid. Certainly she was a lot more comfortable and was not having particular problems with the lymphodaema in particular. Bowen won't "cure"the condition, but can be very helpful with it. You can also read a paper in the "Research" section at www.TheBowenTechnique.com which was written by a lymphodaema nurse who used Bowen. One can never guarantee the results, but Bowen has certainly helped many cases with this condition.

ive just finished my second course of antibiotics for a chest infection but my chest feels tight all the time not enough that i cant do things but ive noticed my breathing is heavier than normal and i was wondering whether i might have asthma

Thank you for your question. There are, in fact, several versions of "asthma" . Your symptoms, however, suggest that the muscles around the chest as well as those involved in breathing could be left in some spasm, hence leaving you with a tight chest.

My first recommendation is that you use the "Bowen Release Move", gently. The diaphragm may well be one of the problems for you and this move can really help release any tension there. You can use it several times and as often as you need to. It is gentle (not deep!) and at the top end of your stomach area just below the breast bone. This is also very helpful if one has a cough and even panic and anxiety attacks. You can see the move illustrated on the web site. The dot indicates the bottom of the breast bone.

My second recommendation is that you try to find a local Bowen therapist. Two sites may help www.bter.org or www.bowtech.com. Bowen is excellent at helping these muscles to release very quickly and should not need many treatments at all to help you. In my experience I would often hope to see an immediate improvement with this type of case. Let me know if you have difficulty finding some help.

If you have a temperature, tight chest and have difficulty breathing, or pain, then seek medical help as soon as you can as it may be a different diagnosis.

Some people can develop what is called "Late Onset Asthma" , usually following a severe viral infection. Nevertheless, I would still try to stop the symptoms in their tracks by trying Bowen as soon as you can.

In summary, try the Release Move. Most cases find this helps enormously. It is rather like turning the light on or off with your (relaxed) thumb and very light pressure. Try to get some Bowen treatment as soon as you can. This could make all the difference very quickly.

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