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Thanks for your response, my security will not open your cards, he lives in a house with central heating and school has it as well, have looked at what we think could be allergies the coughing has gotten worse this last week his mum thinks it might be from running around at school in the cold there does not seem to be a pattern sometimes it seems to go and back it comes and keeps on the other night it was so bad he threw up we are at a loss Thanks Diane

I am sorry the card did not reach you. Maybe it will get to someone else's address?
I would suggest, reading the history you have given me, that you find a local Bowen Practitioner (www.bowtech.com for instance and give it a try. It is very gentle but also very profound and may calm the situation down for you. Being sick is not usually something that happens so maybe it was just that he was coughing a lot that time. I will be interested to hear how you get on. I am not sure where you are located in Australia. Tom Bowen's work was originally in Geelong. The children, by the way, love it as it is so gentle. A cystic fibrosis (6yo) came this afternoon and just loves his Bowen as it helps him. In his case, probably an allergic reaction which we now think is because his Mother uses Bio Washing Powder and realises that it smelt very strongly. In my daughter’s case, years ago, my wife changed the powder to non-Bio and the problem went away immediately.

Hi Our greatgrandson is coughing all of the time not sick, but 2yago moved from tropics to very cold climate the doctor is checking for asthma and having a chest e-xray to make sure there is nothing pressing to cause it. is there a video to shown how to treat with Bowen release, I have been told there is a very easy move much better then going down the road to medication
Many Thanks Diane

Hello Diane. Thank you for your question. Yes, the release move is shown in a series of 4 pictures in the Emergency Page. There is also a demo of it in one of the films on the website. The one with the young lady talking about how it changed her life. At the end I included her doing the move. It is really important to do the move very gently. If you use a lot of pressure, it can have the effect of causing the Diaphragm to spasm rather than release. A 6 year old does it perfectly for me as they will just do a sharp, but gentle "switch", rather like switching a light on "Click!"

If you have difficulty seeing it, I will happily post you one of the picture cards I give out if you could kindly send me your address. You can reach me at rattrayalastair@gmail.com .

One of the questions I would like to ask is when does he cough a lot as there may be an allergy present which his body is responding to.

i had bowen for my sinus problen after had pain in and around my ears now i have virtigo
can this be due to haveing bowen thank you

Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear you have developed vertigo. The first part of my answer is that Bowen would not cause vertigo. It is a very gentle therapy.

The second part is that working in the area of the sinuses and "draining" the ducts which are
located down inside the thick area on the side of the neck (the "Sterno Claido Mastoid" (SCM) muscle) to allow the sinuses to drain properly usually relieves the sinus area. However, as the name of the SCM implies, it also has a role of draining the mastoid area of the ears. It is possible that the problem you have developed has come about because some of the mucus may have caused some blockage in that area. I would suggest that you try to clear this by drawing a finger down from behind your ears down to the SCM in the neck. You should talk to your Bowen therapist who is welcome to call me for advice.

Equally, I am happy to discuss this more with you if you would like to call me today, or any day, on 01892 543 588. I am located between Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells in Kent.


I have a 5 years old son with asthma episods - only wheezing when he catches a cold, but some of these ordinary colds become complicated and need antibiotics. I have decided to try Bowen. I've heard that one of the premises is to stop taking the steroids and inhalers from the very beginning. Is this a regular premise or is our terapeut preference? Another question is if the effect is only temporary. When a pacient stops the Bowen therapy, will the problem reappear? And finally: I've noticed that the incidence of asthma is higher in boys? What do you think about this? Thank you a lot!

I am very sorry to have only just received your question. The system was supposed to e-mail me! So, I was not aware an important questio was waiting for an answer!
1. I have never suggested that medication of any sort prescribed by a Doctor should be stopped. However, after clients/children have been having Bowen for a while, their asthma has improved to such an extent that the Doctor has reduced or stopped the medication. This may be after a good 6 months or more.
2. Antibiotics have been prescribed many times when they were probably not needed. My best response is that I have found almost all my cases have not got a "chest infection" when they catch a cold after they have started having Bowen. Two years on, parents have said the child has not needed antibiotics having had to take them pre Bowen every cold. This is one of the signs I look for to suggest the child does not need weekly Bowen and can eventually not need Bowen at all (they all love it!)
3. Most of my asthma cases have only needed some Bowen and then have had a normal life without it. I would suggest an occasional "top up" would be sensible, but eventually normal life will take over. However, I will see an asthmatic that starts any sort of attack TODAY! (Even Christmas Day!) as it is essential to stop the attack straight away.
4. Do please learn the very gentle Release Move as this is what your child will need to do as soon as the chest starts to tighten. This will release the main breathing muscle, the Diaphram.

Sorry again for the delay. By all means contact me if you want to discuss this further.

i am currently doing my masters in physiotherapy. my question is does bowen therapy need "certification" for pratice?or it can be taken as a part of my research study without the course?

Thank you for your question. The simple answer is that you do not need to have a qualification to do Bowen, ie "certification". It is a very gentle and safe therapy which is why it was included in the therapies accepted and Registered by the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Health Council) which is the only Complementary Register recognised by the NHS. So, you can certainly do some research into it. The full training with the the European College of Bowen Studies (ECBS) with whom I taught Bowen for 10 years has a 14 day training programme consisting of 5 parts. Part 1 gives you the basic part which would give you enough procedures to treat 70% of people you might be treating. We would want you to treat "friends & family" immediately to practise and to prepare 10 case studies before part 3. So, students will be treating many different types of condition. I was always amazed at the wide range of cases they found, some very complex, yet they had some remarkable successes.

I am wondering what type of cases you want to research and am quite willing to discuss this with you so that you can get the best picure as to what you want to do. Many physios, and some doctors, are using Bowen .

If you would like to contact me on 01892 543 588, I will be happy to help you further. (I am assuming you are in the UK. I get many people contacting me from all over the world)


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